Moscow Group Tour (5 days, 4 nights)


Moscow Group Tour (5 days, 4 nights)

Welcome to Moscow! Come see for yourself why this magnificent city has been dubbed “The Third Rome” and is so adored by travelers far and wide. It’s time to see it all—the culture, the architecture, and the history. We will unravel the secrets of the biggest city in Russia, from its ancient icons to its Soviet past, to give you the experience of a lifetime.


Upon your arrival at the Moscow airport, you will be met by a chauffeur and transferred to your hotel. Take a minute to get settled in, then feel free to rest or explore the surrounding area. We can always offer a number of local recommendations for dining and the arts, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Accommodations are centrally located in walkable neighborhoods with numerous options right at your fingertips. This day is mostly for you to get your bearings and prepare for the next few days filled with sightseeing.

Ready for a morning full of classic sights? Let’s travel on our tour bus to see what makes Moscow one of the most unique cities in the world!

Russia is synonymous with ballet and opera, making a trip to the Bolshoi Theatre an absolute must. See the building that houses the biggest ballet company in the world and serves as an important symbol of Russia worldwide. A short distance from here are two of Moscow’s most famous streets, Tverskaya and Nikolskaya. The former is an absolute paradise for shoppers and the latter, a pedestrian-only walkway with historic buildings on either side.

The layout of Moscow is quite interesting, three concentric rings allow for pedestrians and cars to navigate the city efficiently. We will drive along the inner most circle, The Garden Ring, through the Arbat District to Kutuzovsky Avenue. From these roads extensive views of the Moscow River will be visible. Along its banks you will see the 322-foot statue of Peter the Great and hear about the controversy surrounding the gigantic sculpture’s installation. Other sites along the river included in the tour are: Gorky Park and the White House, Novodevichy Convent, and The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

With a view of all the sites we take you to, Sparrow Hills is bound to impress. It is located by Moscow State University, the tallest of Stalin’s seven skyscrapers, and sports an observation deck where you can take unforgettable photos.

Following our bus tour is a Moscow Metro tour. For those who don’t know, Muscovites are proud of what is often called the most beautiful underground metro in the world. Numerous historic statues, mosaics, and gorgeous designs line the long walkways of the convenient marvel of public transportation. Each station has its own distinct look and fascinating story. Our guides will point out how the metro’s art and architecture reflects the time in which it was built.

After seeing so much, we leave you the late-afternoon and evening with free time to explore at your leisure or rest.

Today we dive deeper into the heart of Moscow. No visit to the grand Russian capital is complete without a visit to the Kremlin. Located in historic Red Square, the grounds of the mighty fortress are fascinating. From Spasskaya Tower (Saviour Tower) to the Grand Palace, the red brick and stately architecture will be the background for a walk through time. You will also visit the Kremlin’s impressive Armoury Chamber, a museum that houses the regalia of the Tsars, carriages, jewels, canons, and swords.

Next up are more wonders of Red Square. Perhaps none is greater than Saint Basil’s Cathedral, whose unmistakable onion domes and singular spires make it a favorite of visitors to Russia. For those interested in Soviet history, Lenin’s mausoleum and Stalin’s grave also find their home in Red Square. Just across the square are the covered walkways of the GUM department store, formerly known as The State Department Store. Even if you are not the biggest shopper, the design and history of the building are of great interest. Not to mention, foodies will delight in an array of specialty products and the most famous ice cream in the country.

Note: the time of visit to Red Square and The Kremlin will be specified by each individual guide beforehand.

What was life like in Moscow during Soviet times? What were the sources and manifestations of Stalin’s terror? Find out the answers and gain insight into Russia’s 20th century history on our KGB tour. You will visit key buildings and locations pertaining to the secret police, including the former KGB headquarters and a victim’s memorial.

As for the afternoon, you choose your adventure—a city pub crawl or a Moscow River cruise. Pub crawls are not just for those who want to party hardy, but also those interested in catching a glimpse of local culture and the legendary nightlife of Moscow. We custom tailor our pub crawl to take you places enjoyed by Muscovites, expats, and tourists alike, changing the exact locations according to special events and what’s hot.

On the other hand, the Moscow River cruise is a great opportunity to see some of the amazing landmarks from day 2 and 3 in a whole new way. In a city as bustling as Moscow, a boat trip can be a peaceful breath of fresh air, giving you a whole new appreciation for the city.

Wake up to a fresh breakfast and take your time checking out. A departure transfer will be provided at your convenience to take you on to your next destination.


Shared Double, 3-star – 578 USD per person
Single Room, 3-star – 723 USD per person

Shared Double, 4-star – 811 USD per person
Single Room, 4-star – 1009 USD per person

*Please note that prices are per person. If you are travelling in a group, but wish to have a private room, add the “private supplement” to your group cost. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about rates for large groups.


  • Centrally located 3 or 4-star hotels, with the option to upgrade to 5-star.
  • A delicious breakfast every morning in the hotel
  • Both airport and metro station transfers
  • All transportation as detailed in the tour itinerary (bus, car, metro)
  • Tour guides who speak your language
  • All activities indicated in the itinerary
  • Entry tickets, according to the itinerary


  • All related costs of your visa to Russia
  • Your airline tickets. We will take care of airport transfers, but leave it to you to pick out the flight that suits you best for a price that matches your personal budget.
  • Travel insurance. Please buy at your own discretion.
  • Some optional side-tours and entry to performance arts events

If you have any special requests, please let us know! We can accommodate a wide range of personal interests, extra adventures, world-class performances, and our tour dates are totally flexible.


Once you decide on a tour, a deposit of 30% will be required in order to reserve it. Then, the whole tour must be fully paid one month prior to your arrival in Russia.


Yes! If you cancel more than 2 months before your departure, you will incur a 15% cancellation fee. When cancelling with 15-60 days’ notice, the fee will raise to 30% of the value of the tour. And finally, no refunds are given within 15 days of the start of the tour.