The Ultimate Golden Ring Tour (4 days, 3 nights)

Golden Ring

The Ultimate Golden Ring Tour (4 days, 3 nights)

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Travel a short distance away from the Moscow metropolitan area and get ready to enter a completely different reality. The Golden Ring is the nickname for a string of towns with rural settings and ancient cathedrals that are sure to impress even the seasoned world traveler. On this particular Golden Ring tour, you will see all the classic highlights with a local perspective, informed by history and indulged with traditional cuisine.


The first stop on our Ultimate Golden Ring Tour is Vladimir. To get there, you will be picked up from your hotel in Moscow and travel 2-3 hours through the countryside by car or mini-van. It should be about lunchtime, so our first stop will be a local restaurant. Following lunch is a complete tour of the city, including all the major historic locations of this former medieval capital of Russia.

The Golden Gates date back to the year 1164 and borrowed architecturally from the gates of the holiest cities in the world in order to symbolically sanctify the city of Vladimir. Just next to this impressive sight is the Crystal, Lacquer Miniatures, and Embroidery Museum, where you can see the best of the best in Russian decorative arts.

We will travel through the heart of town and visit the Dormition Cathedral, also known as the Assumption Cathedral. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with sophisticated relief work and a gigantic Gothic belfry. Inside, ornate frames and sublime oil paintings will provide a perfect backdrop to contemplate the life and times of the most famous icon painter in Russia’s history, Andrei Rublev. Just outside of town, we will also visit a monastery complex built by the order of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky called Bogolyubovo.

After seeing all that Vladimir has to offer, our next stop is Suzdal, a short drive to the north. We arrive with enough time to check into our hotel before a wholesome dinner, included as part of the tour.

Walking around Suzdal is a dream for history lovers—it’s one of the oldest cities in Russia. Not just Moscow has a Kremlin, in fact, Suzdal has a gigantic and picturesque fortress as well, along the banks of the Kamenka River. We will spend the morning exploring the various monuments and museums in the vicinity, paying particular attention to the unique Cathedral of the Nativity. After that, the Archbishop’s Chamber, formerly a residence and now a museum, will provide visual accompaniment to the historic information of your tour guide.

Rounding out our stay in Suzdal is a visit to the Wooden Architecture Museum. Due to the material of their construction, many wooden buildings from the far past are no longer standing. Thus, this open-air walk through time is a truly rare opportunity to see a completely different style of rural Russia.

Today, lunch is on us, so expect to try more distinct regional tastes, followed by a transfer to the town of Kostroma. Here, we will get cozy in our hotel rooms and have a short bit of free time before dining at the hotel restaurant (also included).

Let’s start the day with a healthy and hardy breakfast at the hotel to get ready for a city tour of the beautiful Kostroma. The Ipatiev Monastery isn’t just a perfectly situated riverside building with shining domes, but also the former home of the first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty, Mikhail Romanov. We will visit this monastery and other landmarks connected to the Romanovs, learning about the extensive rebuilding process the city underwent after brutal Mongol raids.

Our bus/car service will take you on to the next destination, Yaroslavl, where more classic architecture and mystical UNESCO Heritage Sites await. The city is the largest of those we will visit on The Golden Ring, making for a great opportunity to observe the contemporary life and customs of Russians. Lunch is included in the center of Yaroslavl, followed by a city tour. Of the many places we will see, the most famous complex is the Savior Monastery, whose defensive walls have protected it from intruders for centuries. It has an interesting mix of tactical and religious importance.

Pereslavl Zaleski is a short bus ride away from Yaroslavl, and our base for the afternoon/evening activities. Dine at the hotel restaurant, included with the price of the tour, and make your way out for a sunset or night walk (depending on the season) at Red Square.

Today we will start on the move, headed directly to Sergiyev Posad, home of the renowned monastery, Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. There are very few monasteries with the title of “Lavra”, which serves to denote its importance and indicate that it supports a hermetic style of living.

Surely, after four days of incredible sightseeing, you will have learned a great deal about Russian history, monastic life, and village traditions, and have plenty to think about on your ride back to Moscow. We hope you enjoyed one of the most treasured parts of our country and culture!


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*Please note that prices are per person. If you are travelling in a group, but wish to have a private room, add the “private supplement” to your group cost. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about rates for large groups.


  • Cost of transportation for all side-trips, museums, etc.
  • Entry ticket to all museums and sights
  • A guide who speaks your language
  • Meals, as detailed in the itinerary


  • All related costs of your visa to Russia
  • Your airline tickets. We will take care of airport transfers, but leave it to you to pick out the flight that suits you best for a price that matches your personal budget.
  • Travel insurance. Please buy at your own discretion.
  • Some optional side-tours and entry to performance arts events

If you have any special requests, please let us know! We can accommodate a wide range of personal interests, extra adventures, world-class performances, and our tour dates are totally flexible.


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