What is a free tour? Exactly that, you take a tour and are not obliged to pay. The idea is that no matter what your budget is you can enjoy what the city has to offer. Free tours are done by foot, although tours that use the metro and/or bus are offered as well. It won’t be strenuous at all, just a tiny bit of exercise. A free tour is the best way to see Moscow because the guides are the most passionate you can find. You won’t just spend the afternoon walking around alone, but with friendly people who want to show off all the best places in their hometown. Free tours give you real local insight because the opinion of the guides is not influenced by anyone but themselves. Just tip them if you believe they did a good job and you learned something.

An example of your free walking tour: The tour starts in the center, where you will explore a number of sites. For example, Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Here you’ll find a one of a kind architectural wonder from the time of Ivan the Terrible (16th century). The design is said to be inspired by the flames of a large fire. Then, learn about the rich history of Red Square, the most famous square in all of Russia—the site of previous Tsars’ coronations and Lenin’s Mausoleum. We will discuss the previous inhabitants of the Kremlin including Catherine the Great and Napoleon (for a brief moment). The pride of Russian culture and world renowned Bolshoi Theater will set the backdrop for the history of Russian ballet and opera. This theater is perhaps the most famous in the world for these two art forms.

Moscow is a formidable city, it would be impossible to see everything in one day. That’s why we have extremely well-informed guides, and also, a large variety of tours. Whether you want a full day tour, sightseeing tour, or any kind of guided tour, we can accommodate. Other more specific excursions include: the shore tour, communist tour, Kremlin tour, and city tour. It is important to absorb the city like a local in a fun and friendly way, which is what we strive to do every day.

To find out more information about each tour, such as its meeting point and duration, click the tour page. Go ahead and read all the details, get excited about all the sites you are going to see. You will also see a schedule of operations and customer reviews, so you can trust the quality. Think about which is the perfect fit for you and book the tour!


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